Is there a fee to obtain a service dog from BSD?

BSD is not a non-profit organization. We do charge a fee for our dogs. Fees will be discussed during your assessment interview.

Fees may be paid through the I/O waiver, Level One waiver, or some other agency. If you are not sure whether you can obtain such funding, BSD will work with you to explore your options.

How much does a Buckeye Service Dog cost?

Our regular fees for a local (in Columbus) service dog is $15,000. If you are elsewhere in Ohio, our fee is increased to $16,500, due to the need for our staff to travel and stay in a hotel for the dog placement and follow up. While there is no doubt that this is a substantial sum, we are still able to produce a service dog at around 60% of the cost per dog of most non-profits, which by nature tend to maintain large facilities, fundraising professionals, and other overhead expenses.

For clients requiring a non-shedding, allergy friendly dog, there is an up-charge of $1,200, which reflects the higher cost of purchasing these dogs (usually standard poodles).

When is your fee due?

Typically are fee is divided into three payments:

The first payment of $3,500 is due after the assessment appointment, when the client and BSD have agreed to work together. After BSD receives this payment, we will begin searching for a dog that will be selected specifically to meet our client’s needs.

The second payment of half the remaining balance is due 4-6 months later, when the dog has completed training with us and begins team training with the client.

The final payment of the remaining balance is due 4-8 weeks after the team has been together, when we see the team is headed toward a successful partnership.

That’s a ton of money for a dog! Where does that money go?

Our out-of-pocket costs per dog, when you average every dog we take in to evaluate and train, are about $3500. Besides these vet fees, transportation costs, etc., there is six months board, hundreds of hours of obedience, specialized function, and socialization training. Also, with your dog you get follow-up appointments, which require more training time, travel, and sometimes hotel expenses.

I have a medical savings account. Can I use these funds to pay for my dog?

We have clients who have paid for their dogs using this type of account.

I’ve filled out an application and would like an interview. Is there a fee for the interview?

Interviews in the Columbus area will be $75.00, due at the time of the interview. Interviews outside of the Greater Columbus area are $150.00. If you move forward to obtain a dog from me, your interview cost will be deducted from the balance of the cost of your dog.

Waiver clients are exempted from this fee, so long as I am able to talk at length with your service coordinator before the appointment, to determine probable eligibility for waiver funding.

What other costs are associated with obtaining a service dog from BSD?

You should budget about $300 in dog equipment and supplies to be purchased during team training.

During team training, all clients will go on various public outings, to be determined by you and your trainer. These outings will include restaurant trips and malls, and may also include things like movies, the zoo, or other attractions. Every client is responsible for their own transportation and expenses during team training outings.