Dogs Wanted!


Bell's owner could not longer keep her. Now she's a beloved companion to a child with special needs.
Bell’s owner could not longer keep her. Now she’s a beloved companion to a child with special needs.

Do you have a dog you can’t keep who needs a job and a person to love?

One of the most challenging aspects of training service dogs is finding just the right dog for a particular person.  It’s kind of like arranging a marriage – and we take our dog selection very seriously here at BSD.   We’re always looking for dogs that fit the following criteria:

SOURCES:  BSD accepts dogs from a variety of Ohio sources including shelters, rescues, pet homes, and breeders. 

AGE:  BSD accepts dogs from 10 months to three years of age, but our preferred age is 18-24 months.  Dogs of this age are mature enough for service dog work but young enough to have a long working life expectancy.

BREED:  BSD uses the following breeds:  Labrador Retrievers (English type), Golden Retrievers, Standard Poodles, and small (female) great Danes or Dane mixes (we use dane mixes for tall clients who require help with balance).  We occasionally will accept a golden doodle or labradoodle, but in general we find them too high energy for our needs.

CONDITION:  While many of our dogs are rescues and may come to us with minor health issues, dogs must be physically sound and have no chronic health problems. 

TEMPERAMENT:  While our temperament requirements vary depending on client needs, in general we are looking for low to medium energy dogs that love people; are good with other animals; are eager to please and would enjoy a working life where they accompany their partner everywhere.  Dogs that are protective, overly excitable or vocal, or shy/fearful are not good candidates for service dog work. 

PAYMENT:  BSD does at times pay reasonable rescue and re-homing fees.

Do you have a dog who needs a loving owner and a job and fits the above requirements, please email with a picture (required) and description of your dog (age, size, personality, history, etc.)