Application Information

Please read the FAQ and Fee sections before submitting your application.   

BSD Service Dog Application:

Is a Buckeye Service Dog right for you?

If you are able to answer “Yes” to the following remarks, BSD may be a good match for you as a service dog provider:

  1. Live in Ohio
  2. Live in an adjacent state but there is no suitable service dog provider in my area.
  3. Need a dog for a diagnosed physical or psychiatric disability.
  4. Seeking a seizure dog because I have at least two breakthrough seizures per week.
  5. I am at least 12 years old.  If younger, a parent will be the primary dog handler.
  6. Have read the BSD fee section and have the ability to pay, or receives a DODD waiver.

Application Process:

  1. Please begin by reading the website.  In particular, the FAQ, ABOUT, and FEE Sections.  Also read the article on selecting a service dog trainer or organization.
  2. If you meet the criteria in the previous section, please fill out the application and submit.
  3. BSD will contact you after you have submitted the application.
  4. If it appears you we are a good match, an assessment interview will be arranged.
  5. After the interview, you will receive a written summary of the appointment which will include a price quote if it appears BSD is a good fit for your situation.
  6. If we move forward, BSD will begin searching for a dog to meet your needs as soon as we receive your initial payment.

Link to Application:

We are only accepting applications for our Co-Train program at this time.  Please check back in early 2023 if you are in need of a mobility assistance dog or a fully trained psychiatric service dog and have not previously received a dog from us.