In-Home Service Dog For Sale


Blake is a healthy, happy two year old great dane/Labrador retriever mix.  She weighs approximately 90 pounds.  She has been spayed and is current on her vet care.  She is a beautiful blue color.

TRAINING:  Blake is a trained mobility assistance dog of medium activity level.  Her work skills and ethic are exemplary.  Her skills include:

  • Picking up dropped objects and carrying objects
  • Providing balance help while walking or negotiating stairs
  • Bracing to provide assistance to get out of a chair or off of the floor
  • Tugging open doors
  • Hitting buttons with paw or nose


As wonderful as Blake is, she is unpredictable and sometimes aggressive with other dogs.  While she only exhibits this behavior periodically, our best attempts to completely extinguish these tendencies have failed.  Her current handler is very active and in need of a dog that will be completely trustworthy in public around other dogs – and sadly, that’s not Blake.

Blake has never shown any aggression or concerning behavior around humans.


Blake would do very well with an experienced dog person who wanted mobility assistance around the house.  A single adult, or a small family with older children would be suitable.  Blake should be the only dog in the home.  Blake is a large dog in need of exercise so a fenced in yard is required. 


  • Blake’s purchase fee is $5,500.
  • Applicant must fill out a BSD Application  Please indicate on the application you are applying for BLAKE.
  • Applicant must agree that they would not attempt to utilize Blake as a service dog in public.
  • Applicant must be in the Columbus area or willing to travel to Columbus for two days of trial work with Blake before the sale.
  • After the applicant has gone through the evaluation and two day training process and paid for Blake, the sale is final.